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Hello! I’m Rishav Goel. If you are viewing this page, you probably like my website already and I am really thankful for that.

Like yourself, even I am trying to expand my knowledge each day, and this blog is a way to reach out to readers like you. What I assure is that the contents which I post will be unsolicited, original and free from redundancy.

From an early age, I understood how important it is to be well informed in order to become a sagacious decision maker. Hence I always tried to juggle different hats in academics and dip my toes in diverse professional fronts. My inquisitiveness serves my hunger to explore different domains of business. Though I recently graduated from St. Xavier's College Kolkata, I have built up experiences ranging from working with startups from initiation and assisting my family's business to portfolio management and full-time freelancing. In addition, I am a CFA Level 2 candidate, and also pursuing Chartered Accountancy. Apart from the academics, I am aggressively learning about data analytics, website development, and digital marketing.

In short, I have always believed in learning by doing and I try to exist each day with this conviction. This blog is an open-ended blog and I would be delighted to see your views and thoughts about the topics of the business world.

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Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate your time, Cheers!